Our goal is to return sake brewing to its original form and achieve a world where everyone involved in the sake culture can lead a richer life.


    We continue to produce sake that changes the world in beautiful ways.

    To be an entity that continues to make proposals to enrich food and lifestyles in the future. To be sustainable from all perspectives, including production and distribution, and to eliminate the burden on the earth. And to enable all people involved with sake to work happily and enjoy happy times.What kind of sake should we preserve for the future?


    We will make the world happy by making Japanese Sake into world sake.

    It is our belief that sake's potential is greater and its value should be higher. That is why, while respecting the traditions and culture of sake, we would like to propose new ways to enjoy sake, without being bound by the existing frameworks and methods of sake. Like wine and whiskey, sake will meet food and lifestyle around the world and enrich people's lives. Toward this future, we will continue to enhance the value of sake.


    Unparalleled quality from a long-established company for 400 years, and new proposals that change the world in beautiful ways.

    Our brand originated from Fukumitsuya, a long-established business founded in 1625. We have access to high technology nurtured through 400 years of history and highest quality ingredients that can only be procured through trust with farmers. However, we will not content ourselves with this, and will continue to incorporate innovative methods and the latest technologies demanded by the new era. No tradition without innovation. Please look forward to our new proposals that will give birth to the next 400 years.


Company F1625 Inc.
CEO Taichiro Fukumitsu
Address 2-4-6, Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established November 2021
Business Sake sales.