1. 01

    Year-customization approach to brewing

    Year-customization refers to always pursuing the best tasting sake for a given year by tailoring the production method to those conditions, rather than deciding production methods or rice polishing ratios ahead of time. Given this policy, F1625 does not disclose the rice polishing ratio or whether a particular sake is of the ginjo or daiginjo variety. We eschew marketing focused on excessive rice polishing or labeling sake as daiginjo to inflate prices. By respecting nature and customizing our production to that year's rice crop, we want to focus not on sake “by the numbers,” but rather going back to the true origins of sake, that is, enjoying it with all five senses.

  2. 02

    Brewed with “Hyakunen Reisui” water, which takes 100 years to develop

    This means even sake produced in a given year is actually the result of 100 years of time. The brewing of F1625 begins with a respect and appreciation for the exceptional water we use. “Hyakunen Reisui” water takes 100 years to reach springs at the foothills of the sacred Mt. Hakusan. Research by Kanazawa University has demonstrated that rain and snow that fell a century ago soaked deep into the ground and filtered through multiple layers of seashells, which slowly dissolved the components essential for brewing, such as calcium and magnesium, before it arrived at the brewery as a 100-year old source of water. We produce our sake with this miraculous water.

  3. 03

    Brewing techniques backed by 400 years of tradition

    Sake is more complex to brew than other alcoholic beverages, requiring a steadfast commitment and advanced technical skills. F1625 only produces sake using longstanding, memorable techniques handed down over 400 years by long-established breweries and healthy fermentation techniques leveraging unique yeasts informed by cutting-edge biotechnology research. It goes without saying, but we do not outsource brewing to other breweries, stringently managing everything ourselves. The flavor profiles resulting from that commitment transcend the confines of sake and reach new heights.

  4. 04

    Members only and exclusively limited quantities

    F1625 sake is sold only to an exclusive group of people. This is because we aim for the ultimate in quality, stringently select our ingredients, and put considerable time and effort into every step of the production process, so only a very small number of bottles can be brewed. We put our utmost passion into each bottle and are focused not on selling it to the highest bidder, but on bringing it to true sake aficionados and connoisseurs. Therefore, we currently only release our lines to existing members. Thank you for your understanding.

  5. 05

    We produce ethical sake that does not strain the environment or our future.

    We believe that the new form of luxury for the future is one that respects nature. Gone are the days of wasteful, gaudy wrapping and fancy decorations. At F1625, we keep things clean and minimal. We are also working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that occur over the course of the process spanning from rice production to distribution, with a portion of proceeds also being allocated to charitable activities to support producers. Sake rice is the lifeblood of Japanese sake. Rice producers today are struggling to find young stewards of the traditions who want to take up rice growing as an occupation, so the average age of farmers is on the rise. At F1625, we hope our efforts contribute in some small part to helping resolve these issues.